Football is and has been the only hope for many underprivileged children. Actually, for most of them, it is the only realisable way of life.

At Real Stars Soccer Academy, a football academy that sometimes looks ‘hopelessly’ out of place in the highly competitive youth football, this hope is slowly but surely turned into a reality.

Unique Beginning:

In 2012, Coach Jonathan Moses Kafeero started Real Stars Soccer Academy at Kasana Boys Primary School, Luweero, with just five (5) players.

With the help of a friend, a one Emmanuel Kazibwe, Kafeero aimed at helping young talented football players, to nurture and develop them into important people in the community.

“I initiated the project after knowing that talent can help someone get free education and [can also be] a source of employment in the future,” Kafeero noted in an interview with

“During my days in school, I was offered free education as a reward for my talent. That is why I had to use my knowledge help the young blood,” Kafeero added.

Kind Benefits:

Real Stars Soccer Academy has competed in many tournaments. Their maiden title was at the Kasala Soccer Gala, back in 2014 in the U13 category.

Other tournaments won are; International Skills Soccer Gala in 2016 (U13) and 2019 (U12 and U14), Kawowo Sports Gala in 2016 (U15), Kakoge Soccer Gala in 2017 (U12), Tele Tabies Talents Gala in 2017 (U9) held in Munyonyo at Bayern, and the Manager Katamba Memorial Cup in 2018 (U13).


“We are challenged by lack of requirements like training balls, kits, transport, cones, boots, and most importantly, a permanent residence for the players,” Kafeero lamented.

About Real Stars Soccer Academy:

It was started in August 2012 by Coach Jonathan Moses Kafeero and his friend, Emmanuel Kazibwe, in Kasana, Luweero at Luweero Boys Primary School with five (5) players.

The five (5) players were David Mubiru, Felix Kyobe, Trevor, and Aaron. Currently, they accommodate over eighty (80) players.

Real Stars Soccer Academy accommodate underage categories of U9, U12, U14 and U17, only in the boys for now.


Telephone: 0775431602/0786775228/0704804066.
Facebook: Real Stars Soccer Academy Luweero.


Emmanuel Kamya – Assistant Coach.
Sarah Nampeera – Secretary.
Fredrick Makaire – Supportive Staff.
Paul Mukungu – Advisor.
Philimon Aligawesa – Manager


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