David Sendagire (left) handing the money to Moses Obaba. In between is Samuel Ibaale

When you just hear this news, you may not believe until you see it!
Uganda’s betting community has once woken up to another cash
surprise, this time from Soroti. So, what exactly happened? Well,
something strange! Moses Onaba, a special hire driver in Soroti
officially said bye-bye to poverty after winning 96,891,156 Uganda
shillings with a stake of ONLY 1000/=.

The unusualness about the winning ticket is that it has a record 65
matches with only four simple betting options; 1 (home win), 1X
(home win or draw), X2 (draw or away win) and 2 (away win).

The winner Moses with the money he won

On how he made it, the winner told us that, “You do not have to be a
sports genius to win a bet. You just need to know some basic
information about teams, just like me.” On why he selected many
teams, Onaba said that, “I wanted to be one of the record winners. I
really wanted to also win this big money and indeed now I have it. I
have been placing many tickets with just 1000/=. After placing, I keep
them and check later. So, this Sunday I decided to check on some of
the old tickets that I placed sometime back-all had lost, except ONE,
and this won this huge amount.”
Onaba said that he has been betting with Fortebet for the last four
years and this is the second time he is winning.
“This is a lot on money, what are you going to use it for?”, we asked
him and he answered, “Indeed it is a lot. I am first of all going to
immediately buy a plot of land in Soroti and construct my dream
house. Secondly, I am driving my boss’ car for the last time because I
am going to buy mine.”

Onaba advised fellow bettors not to lose hope. “You will never know
the day you will win. You only need to keep trying-you will lose many
times but it is from these many loses that you might eventually get
the winning ticket, like I did. Secondly, you do not have to bet with a
lot of money, just the balances after spending on the other essential
This money was handed over to him on Monday at the head office in
Kololo by Fortebet’s David Sendagire and witnessed by Soroti
Regional Manager, Samuel Ibaale.


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