Karuma Fortebet operator handing over a phone to the winner
I want to thank Fortebet for this free offer. This has increased my love for Fortebet, thank you so much
I want to appreciate Fortebet owners. It is the only company that does work in a straight forward manner. For example, if you win, there is no excuse to paying
I am very happy for Fortebet having introduced online virtual soccer betting. I like it because it is quick

“Without doubt, Fortebet is Uganda’s number one betting company. The main reason Fortebet is leading in the betting industry, is you our clients. Certainly without you, Fortebet wouldn’t be this strong. This is the reason we have come to give back to you, just like we did a few months ago,” said John Nanyumba, the company’s Media Manager at Bweyale main shortly before giving out gits. Phones, T-shirts, European club jerseys, reflector jackets to bodaboda riders, balls to primary schools were all given out over the last weekend.

In other news, Fortebet handed over a win of 175 million shillings to one of its clients after staking just 1000/=.  “Many people still believe vetting is for thieves and not real. I am a good example to prove that it is real. You just need to keep trying and do some simple research on the teams that you place. Your day will certainly come,” the winner, Moses Bure, a car dealer near Spears said shortly after receiving the money.

Karuma Fortebet operator handing over a phone to the winner
Kamdin punters also got a share of the gifts
Thank you Fortebet for our reflector jackets. Many of us are already your customers and so this is a very good way to appreciate us
Other Bweyale punters that recieved T-shirts
More Bweyale Main centre punters took home caps
Samson Oula, the games master Katulikire primary school recieved the balls on behalf of the school
Some of the caps winners at one of the two branches at Kigumba
These punters at Bweyale main centre got their club jerseys
These 5 were given T-shirts at Karuma
These Swagarific men at Bweyale hiway branch recieved a cap each
They love their clubs, Fortebet gave them their jerseys



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